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Analog vs Digital – the Power struggle continues!

Posted on 20-Apr-2015 10:32:00

If you are a power supply design engineer or an EE or ASE that selects power solutions for your end system, then there is no doubt you have stood at the cross roads and pondered the dilemma to go analog or digital with your power train.

The good news is we find that the actual answer lies somewhere in the middle… borrowing the best aspects of both approaches.

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Green mode fly-back converters

Posted on 01-Apr-2015 16:35:00

Many power supply products are marketed under the “Green Power” label meaning that they are designed to maximise efficiency across the load range (known as average active mode efficiency) and minimise power consumed at no load. Active mode efficiency is the average of four measurements made at 25, 50, 75 & 100% of full load.

There are multiple pieces of legislation applicable to external power supplies (EPS) including the ErP directive (Energy related Products), CEC (California Energy Commission), EISA (Energy Independence & security Act), NRCan (Natural resources Canada). Many power supply makers are also marketing component power supplies with similar specifications designed to enable users to meet green criteria for end applications.

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