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Different methods of measuring component temperatures

Posted on 27-Oct-2015 14:00:00

The two main ways of measuring temperatures are by thermocouple or by optical methods, whether IR camera or thermometer.

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Tags: Thermal Management

Designing in the power supply that you need!

Posted on 13-Oct-2015 14:00:00

Global applications require a power supply that can deal with not only a universal AC input, typically 90-264 Vac, but also meet the customer’s lifetime expectations across all operating conditions.

It is quite common that the power supply manufacturer will specify a derating factor in the 90-115 Vac range. This is a decision that is made at the design phase and is influenced by the efficiency of the power supply at these input voltages, temperature of the components, lifetime and the cost to implement full load operation across the full input range.

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Tags: AC-DC Power Supplies, Power Supply Derating