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Selecting a power supply for household metering applications

Posted on 23-Feb-2016 13:37:00

Power supplies for use in home appliances or energy meters require different features from many other applications. An example of a typical metering application and the solution follows.

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The advantages and secret of being a “green” company

Posted on 09-Feb-2016 14:03:00

Virtually every company now has to claim some “green” credentials in order to be socially acceptable to its customers, employees and investors but few really walk the talk and realise the many benefits of responsible environmental practice.

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What to expect on a PMBus Compliant Power supply?

Posted on 02-Feb-2016 14:30:00

The Power Management Bus (PMBus) is an open standard power-management protocol. This flexible and highly versatile standard allows for communication between devices based on both analog and digital technologies, and provides true interoperability, which will reduce design complexity and shorten time to market for power system designers. The PMBus specification is a document that details the packet format and the available commands, such as Remote On/Off, Output Voltage Adjustment, Read Output Voltage, Set Overvoltage Protection, Read Current, Read Temperature, and many more. It provides a gateway for users to have remote access to the power supply, essentially, making a simple power supply more useful.

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