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Airflow direction, Does it matter in a power system?

Posted on 28-Apr-2016 03:16:00

Does airflow direction matter in a power system? Absolutely!, well actually it depends. It depends on many factors and they all need to be considered at the beginning of the product design cycle. Before I sit down and start the 3D design, one of the first questions I ask is “what is the airflow direction within the customers system?” I also need to know what type of cooling the power supply that I am integrating requires.  

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Common Capacitor Types

Posted on 13-Apr-2016 14:48:00

Capacitors are used for energy storage and filtering. As there are many types of capacitors, each type has its advantages and performs best for different applications. The composition of a capacitor determines how it is used. Some commonly used capacitor types are tantalum, aluminum electrolytic, and ceramic.

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