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Active surge protection filter module complies with DEF STAN 61-5 issue 6 load dump requirement

Posted on 26-May-2016 15:59:19

The DSF226 EMC filter and surge protection module is designed for use in 28 VDC input defense applications. The PCB mounting module is encapsulated within a six sided metal enclosure and is able to support up to 200 Watts output power to drive downstream DC-DC converters.

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Tags: DC-DC Converters, Defense

History of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Posted on 10-May-2016 14:30:00

I recently had lunch with a customer we’ve worked with since the late 1990s. We’ve seen a lot of change in that time and, as the main course arrived, we started talking about how power supply technology has advanced over the years. This has been most noticeable in the areas of efficiency and power density. 

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Tags: SMPS