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Power Systems for Railway Applications

Posted on 18-Aug-2016 12:00:00

Rail applications demand that equipment is able to withstand the harsh climatic, mechanical and electrical environments encountered on traction vehicles and rolling stock. Electronic equipment, from lighting through passenger information and entertainment, to control, safety & engine management systems require DC/DC power conversion and must perform safely and reliably.

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Input Protection

Posted on 15-Jun-2016 11:57:41

Input protection is implemented in power supplies and DC/DC converters to ensure safe operation. The input fuse fitted within a power supply is not intended to be field-replaceable, it is rated such that only a catastrophic failure of the power supply will cause it to fail. It will not be cleared by an overload as the power supply will have some other form of overload protection, usually electronic. The fuse will often be soldered into the PCB rather than being a replaceable cartridge type fuse. 

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High Voltage Power Supply Grounding Techniques for Optimal Performance and Reliability

Posted on 01-Jun-2016 14:03:00

Ground is ground, right?  In truth, there is no ideal ground, all ground paths have inductance, resistance and noise.  Managing the various ground paths interfacing with a high voltage power supply makes the difference between a good design and a great design.

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Using Y rated capacitors in medical applications

Posted on 02-Mar-2016 15:34:00

The medical standard IEC60601-1 is mandatory for medical equipment and requires manufacturers to review the isolation system employed within their products. One of the more radical changes in the 3rd edition standard is the definition of requirements when using Y capacitors to bridge isolation barriers. Amendment 1 of the standard, released in 2012, re-addresses this issue and provides clear information regarding the use of Y rated capacitors to bridge safety isolation barriers in medical applications.

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Selecting a power supply for household metering applications

Posted on 23-Feb-2016 13:37:00

Power supplies for use in home appliances or energy meters require different features from many other applications. An example of a typical metering application and the solution follows.

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